Ultimate Elvis Tribute Show


Matt Stone became an Elvis Tribute Artist at age 13. Since first seeing “Jailhouse Rock” on YouTube in 2015 , he has studied everything, every nuance Elvis put into his performance. Every detail has been accounted for in this tribute show! Matt Stone has been nationally acclaimed for his  incredible representation of the magic Elvis created on stage, both visually and vocally. From the early fifties rock ‘n’ roll rebel, to the jumpsuit-clad rock ‘n’ roll royalty, Matt can do it all. 

“Elvis wasn’t a star that comes around once in a lifetime. He was a star that only comes around once.”

Matt spends hours every day mastering Elvis’ persona, stepping into his shoes every chance he gets. The little things Matt does on stage is what creates the illusion of the world’s most beloved entertainer of all time!

“Elvis was the best, and as long as I’m around, people will never forget that he was the best.”   -Matt Stone





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